We’re an environmentally friendly business, inspired by the sustainable power solutions Inspire Energy offers. Our team is always looking for ways to make the Skrillo office a little bit greener as well. Here are a few simple strategies companies can use to help keep the earth healthy:

• Recycle Within the Office: There are some easy ways to do this, like putting bottles and cans in a separate container. You can also reuse kitchenware rather than buy plastic or paper utensils. These two steps are great starts toward greater workplace sustainability.

• Conserve Energy: As we’ve noted around Skrillo, there’s typically no reason to leave computers and lights on all night long. It’s also easy to put up signs that ask the last person in the bathroom or building to turn off the lights behind themselves. These simple daily methods save money and have no real downside.

• Encourage Greener Transport: Whenever possible, it’s a good idea for team members to carpool or use public transportation. Driving electric or hybrid cars can also go a long way toward maintaining a healthy planet.

• Replace Inefficient Lighting: Switching from normal to energy efficient lightbulbs is one of the quickest ways a company can become friendlier to the environment. They cost a bit more up front, but these bulbs last much longer.

These are just a few ideas for creating a greener workspace. Like Skrillo on Facebook to receive more or our best tips for a planet-friendly office.