As we look toward further expansion in 2019, we’re focused on setting realistic and inspiring goals around the Skrillo office. We want to grow in size, make sure we reach out to customers about the right things, and enhance our office structure to be bigger, badder, and stronger. If we hope to achieve these objectives, we need to be disciplined and stay motivated.

Nico, our firm’s President, explained that he wants to train team members to be self-managers in 2019. He added this concept is about being on time, punctual, and professional at all times. These behaviors tend to make the difference when it comes to achieving goals, because they keep people on productive schedules day in and day out.

We’ve found that breaking down larger objectives into smaller chunks is one of the best ways to use our time. It’s easier to be punctual, after all, when we don’t feel overwhelmed by the scale of a benchmark we want to achieve. Making progress with incremental milestones also keeps us engaged in the process on a daily basis.

Being accountable is another strategy we stress as we pursue goals for Skrillo expansion and our own career journeys. We share our ambitions with trusted coworkers so that we have supportive people to push us toward successful outcomes.

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