COLUMBUS, OH – The leadership team at Skrillo, a recognized provider of customer acquisition solutions for Inspire Energy, announced that they have set goals for 2019 that include hiring initiatives and expansion.

Nico, Skrillo’s President, noted that the theme for this year would be growth. He emphasized that the plans are to expand operations across the U.S. so that more homeowners and businesses can enjoy the benefits of clean energy sources.

With plans for expansion, Nico noted that they are currently seeking fresh talent to join Team Skrillo. In particular, he wants to add individuals who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to own their own businesses, and the willingness to receive the needed training and development to do so. Because of the firm’s immersive learning environment, Nico noted that extensive industry experience is not needed. Instead, the qualities that are most important include a growth-oriented mind-set and a positive attitude.

A collaborative culture is a big part of why Skrillo excels according to Nico, which is why hiring the right people is vital to this firm’s future. He stated that his associates spend significant time working together and sharing ideas as they develop potent campaigns. Their success to date reflects the cohesiveness and trust they have established within this office and he plans to continue this forward momentum into 2019. By adding new people with similar energy and passion, he believes his enhanced team will be positioned to carry forward his aggressive agenda.

Skrillo President Focuses on How to Continue Growth Throughout the Year

There are many aspects to leading a successful business, as Nico has learned at the helm of Skrillo. Goal setting is among the most impactful, as he finds that having specific and measurable targets keeps everyone on track.

Improvement on all fronts comes from raising the bar, according to Nico. Therefore, 2019 will be about achieving even more success. This plan includes additional learning opportunities for everyone. It also means taking time to review current processes. Nico pointed out that for him and his team to do their best to share Inspire Energy’s mission with communities, they need to understand their customers’ experiences and make sure that what they do matches the excellent service to which they are committed to delivering.

At the end of the year, Nico and his team plan to reflect on the work they’ve achieved and the growth they’ve enjoyed during 2019. With that knowhow, they’ll be ready to expand even more in the years to come.

About Skrillo:
Skrillo is a leading provider of customer acquisition campaigns for Inspire Energy. The team raises their collective voices to educate the public on wind energy and smart technologies. They are on the forefront of a movement for good as they show customers how easy it is to adopt clean solutions for their homes and businesses. Each initiative is innovative and designed to reach people on a personal level. The team’s passion for making a difference is evident as they hit new landmarks and boost the impact of Inspire Energy. Learn more about how they’re paving the way to a greener planet. Visit them at