The entire Skrillo team is working hard to qualify for a February networking conference in Dallas. Nico, our firm’s President, explained that this type of event is ideal for learning from the best in our business. Everyone who makes the trip will be excited to share the insights they gain, while those who stay back at the home office will be even more motivated to qualify for the next getaway.

Those who venture out to the heart of Texas will learn about emerging techniques and trends in the business consulting world. They’ll also have chances to sharpen their networking skills. Nico added that the Dallas conference is one of the prime gatherings of successful people in our industry. Our attendees are sure to return to Skrillo headquarters with a variety of helpful new connections.

Traveling with teammates is important because it gets us out of our comfort zones. When we attend packed industry events with our colleagues, we leave our professional roles back at the office. Not only do we get to know each other better as people in the process, we also discover talents and positive traits we might not otherwise use in the normal course of our work. We come back newly inspired to tackle challenges that push us beyond our current skill levels.

The excitement is building for the Dallas trip. Follow Skrillo on Twitter for updates on the conference and all our travel plans.