We’ve been in business for several months now, and we take pride in the empowering team atmosphere we’ve created. Nico, our firm’s President, explained that we’ve taken the time to find, grow, and teach some awesome team leaders. Our Skrillo team culture is many things, including fun, young, high-energy, family oriented, and student-minded. We’ve achieved some big wins for Inspire Energy so far, and we’re ready to go even further!

The Team page on our website is where we spotlight our top performers and our winning atmosphere. We want every visitor to understand how we raise our collective voices on behalf of an innovative leader in sustainable power. Our Team page features details on our mission as well as pictures and info from our many fun group activities.

One reason our team atmosphere is so inspiring is that we recognize excellent performance in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most powerful of these methods is simply offering praise in front of everyone on Team Skrillo. We enjoy team dinners, game nights, and all kinds of other rewards, but there’s something about being singled out in the office that really gets our team members excited. The fact that we celebrate each other’s success on a regular basis is a key driver of our ongoing growth.

We’re excited to keep building up our team culture. Follow Skrillo on Twitter for news on our achievements.