At a national conference in Dallas last month, a member of Team Skrillo received some impressive recognition. Nico, our firm’s President, explained that he took Josh with him to the event due to his hard work and dedication. Our President even gave a speech detailing Josh’s achievements, which is amazing because it’s only his first year in the business! This a super-fun trip for both Nico and Josh, and one that will be a part of Skrillo lore for a long time to come.

The conference, which took place on February 8, was also a great opportunity for Nico and Josh to interact with top leaders from across the country. They came back to the home office with a litany of fresh perspectives on what it takes to sustain success in our industry. We’re excited to put what our travelers learned to good use on major projects.

We receive all kinds of chances to broaden our horizons through travel. Along with national conferences, we can also earn our way onto R&R retreats in exotic locales. We cross-train in other top-performing offices from time to time too. Wherever we go with our teammates, we develop stronger personal bonds that reinforce our winning teamwork.

Josh has accomplished a lot in a relatively short time with our company. Follow Skrillo on Twitter for updates on his achievements, our other outstanding performers, and upcoming travel plans.